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Bouncy Houses, Bouncy Castles And Moonwalking

Why would one set of people, or one country call them bouncy houses, another call them bouncy castles and the industry call it moonwalking? It is an intriguing question, is it not, if you know what I am talking about inflatable insurance. In fact, I mean those large inflatable children’s toys that you see at church fetes and some children’s parties. In America, where they were thought of in the Sixties by John Scurlock of Louisiana. Like many inventions, the idea came to him by accident. Scurlock was an engineer experimenting with inflatable roofs for tennis courts and garages and one day he saw that a couple of of his employees were having immense fun bouncing around on an inflated roof that was laying on the ground. He had an thought and eleven years later, in 1968, his wife, Francis, was running the first bouncy house rental company in the world. Eight years later, he opened the world’s first dedicated bouncy house factory and ten years later again, their son, Frank, opened the world’s first fun park dedicated to only inflatable toys known as Fun Factory. Lots more followed. Frank also took the bouncy castle distribution and rental network nationwide. At first these inflatable toys did not have sides or a top, but this caused a couple of minor difficulties in that kids bounced off the deck onto the grass (or concrete) and the bouncing children were sometimes exposed to the full strength of the sun, which put them art danger of exhaustion.

The current most well-liked bouncy castle design of three inflatable walls and an inflatable roof came to pass fairly soon after the issues were identified. In fact there are variations on the answers that were discovered. In the USA, the sides of the moonwalk are usually manufactured of netting supported by inflatable columns, whereas in the UK often three of the sides are inflatable. Obsevation is carried out from the front of the bouncy house. These inflatable bouncy castles are mostly manufactured of reinforced PVC, nylon or vinyl and the whole structure is filled with gas, which gives more support than air. A proper bouncy house is continuously being pumped up by a fan or two so that minor leaks do not have an effect on the pleasure of the occupants. Cheaper types that are blown up once and left, a bit like a lido or airbed, are forbidden to be rented out in the USA and the UK although they can be used for private parties at home. The majority of Western countries have organizations in place that regulate companies that seek to manufacture or rent out bouncy houses. This is good for safety reasons, so if you are thinking of purchasing or renting a bouncy house or bouncy castle for one of your parties, find out the name of the regulatory body first and check whether the firm you like is registered.

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