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Beware of the Dog – The Top 10 Most Dangerous Large Dog Breeds

Many studies have been done to determine casualty rates when it comes to dog bites and one study carried out recently confirmed that annually, german shepherd husky mix there were at least 4.7 million cases of dog bites in the USA.

In another recent study, it was also confirmed that on daily basis, at least 1,000 Americans are given emergency treatment for injuries sustained from dog bites. The higher percentage of these victims are children and at least half of them were bitten on their faces. In 2006, 30 deaths were recorded as a result of injuries related to dog bites, 14 were children. In 2007, a total of 35 such deaths were recorded with the number of children being 18. In 2008, it was 23 deaths recorded and children involved were 16. In the year 2009, 32 deaths occurred and 20 children were involved. In 2010, out of 33 deaths recorded, 20 were children.

Prior to all these cases, it has become established that there is no dog breed that is not dangerous, though there are certain breeds which have been classified as most dangerous breeds. This fact was confirmed by the studies carried out in 2000 by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in which 25 dog breeds were said to have been involved in 238 fatal dog bites between 1979 and 1998.

Some of the most dangerous large dog breeds are listed below:

• Husky: This is an ancient Siberian breed and weighs between 35 and 55 lbs with 20-24 inches as its height. This breed of dog is known to have difficulties associated with its training which makes it pertinent that people who do not have a broad knowledge of dog handling avoid getting one as a pet. They cherish the company of fellow dogs but mainly of their own breed and have fun by howling up at the moon.

• German Shepherd: This is a German dog which weighs 70-85 lbs and its height is measured at 22-26 inches. They are originally bred to guard sheep while they graze and also used by some locals and Police in patrols, this is largely due to the fact that they are known to be strong and confident.

• Presa Canario: Its origin is confirmed to be from Africa, precisely Canary Islands. It measures 100-125 lbs in weight while in height it measures 25-26 inches. It is a result of mixed breed of Bull Dog and Mastiff which combines to give it its immense power and bravery. This dog was bred purposely for combat and hunting expeditions which are the reasons why they serve mainly as guard dogs and also used in herding.

• Alaskan Malamute: This dog has its origin from North America and weighs 80-110 lbs and 23-28 inches in height. Their strength is such that they always engage in pure physical activities otherwise they will resort to destroying things around them. To avoid this, owners are advised to improvise a convenient playground for this breed of dog. Their being bred for work made it possible for them to get used to unfavorable conditions like cold weather

• Doberman Pinscher: This is a German dog breed which weighs 65-90 lbs and measures 26-28 inches in height. They were originally bred for guarding and defending their owners. When it comes to engaging them in any form of violent play, they react aggressively. It does not spare seconds in retaliating in the face of a supposed attack.

• Pit Bull: This is a US bred dog that weighs 55-65 lbs and measures 18-22 inches in height. The dog was originally bred to engage in combat and up till date, they are sadly being used for that same purpose. It is a strong dog which is not scared by its opponent, it defeats its prey by locking its powerful jaws on it and holding onto it till the prey is confirmed dead by the dog. It is no longer news that many people have actually being killed by this breed.

• Rottweiler: This dog has its origins from Germany and weighs 85-110 lbs and its height at 23-27 inches. It makes good use of its strong jaws and massive strength to protect whoever owns it. They take to not tolerating strangers and dogs of different breed.

• Chow Chow: This dog breed originates from China and its weight is 40-65 lbs and 18-22 inches in height. The main purpose of breeding this dog was for hunting and sheep or cattle herding. It is known to give full concentration to caring for itself and does not approve being disturbed. It has massive strength and likes engaging in exercise.

• Boxer: It was originally from Germany and its weight is placed at 50-70 lbs and height at 20-25 inches. Research has shown that if someone desires to properly train this stubborn dog, they should have patience and a few different training methods to find one that works.

• Dalmatian: This dog is originally from Balkans, India and weighs 40-70 lbs and measures 20-24 inches in height. They like outdoor activities including playing and running. They are fighting dogs, hunting dogs, herding dogs and even royal dogs.

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